‘Since opening in December 2022, the store has experienced signific year-on-year results. Focusing on driving the fresh offering has proved extremely fruitful, with departments seeing huge sales increases. Such as, Produce + 40%, Meat and Fish +320%, Deli +80%, and Bakery +88%. We set out to create a world-class ‘food solutions’ store, and the results have exceeded our expectations. Feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive; they get what we are about, and the store design, brand and in-store communication from Rigney Forge are critical to creating our unique store experience.’

Noel Kavanagh Jnr. – MD of Kavanagh Group

Situated in Belsize Park, London, Kavanaghs is a new premium supermarket experience offering unique and varied food choices, with a value for sustainability that runs through the brand, the store design and the food offering.


Rigney Forge were engaged to create a new brand identity, alongside a full store re-design from concept through to supporting with all implementation of the project. The branding had to convey a sense of sophistication and position Kavanaghs as a expert food destination that would appeal to the locals and new customers. Our aim was to create a timeless and premium feel, that reflected the quality of the food and encapsulated the subbrands Kavanagh’s are providing to their customers.

What we did.





Liaising with suppliers, shop fitters and printing companies to ensure the smooth delivery of the new supermarket.


Kavanagh’s logo features the family name and the tree brand mark at the centre representing Kavanagh’s roots as a family business and its expansions and growth. The logo is a presence throughout the store in full form and the tree appears as a stamp detail on various touch points.

Paired with a sophisticated colour palette using shades of deep, sage green, the logo is complemented with a natural colour palette of sand, grey, rust, blue and charcoal black which are used in materials on the exterior and internally.


Kavanaghs took over a Budgens supermarket, we were tasked with developing a new brand that set a premium standard while also including the Budgens identity.

To create an enduring brand with flexibility to grow with changing food offerings and sub-brands.

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