About Rigney Forge

Hello! I'm Peter, the founder of Rigney Forge; with the new year in full swing, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a glimpse into who we are and what makes Rigney Forge tick!

Who we are?

Rigney Forge is an award-winning design consultancy where creativity meets commerce.  We pride ourselves on a personalised, hands-on approach, creating unique solutions to add real value to our clients’ businesses.

Our mission is to redefine retail design by seamlessly blending innovation, sustainability, community and client collaboration to create extraordinary and impactful experiences. Our focus spans a variety of specialities, including Retail & Brand Strategy, Brand Creation, Retail Store Environments, Customer Communication and Café & Food -to-Go Environments.

About me.

I live just outside the village of Mount Temple in Co. Westmeath, in the centre of Ireland, along with my wife Amie and our kids Millie (7) and Jake (6).

I started Rigney Forge in November 2020 as a small ’boutique’ design consultancy so I could work closely with companies to help their business through thoughtful design. I believe retail spaces have an essential role in society to build community through engagement.

My passion lies in getting to know our customers, their business and the process of creating something special for them. Creativity has always been part of my life, sketching, painting, gardening, sports, whatever it is, I love the creative process and seeing results at the end.


Remote collaboration and overcoming challenges.

In our first three years of business, we’ve embraced the power of remote working, allowing us to collaborate with clients seamlessly, regardless of location. We’ve worked all across Ireland, the UK and a few projects in Europe.
We are a small, flexible team of designers, and we are dedicated to helping businesses unlock the full potential of their brand and retail space. Overcoming challenges has been a key part of our journey, teaching us invaluable lessons and strengthening our commitment to delivering excellence.


Milestones achieved.

Our journey has been marked by incredible milestones from working with fantastic clients to being nominated for prestigious awards like the IDI Award and Creative Retail. We’re especially proud to have clinched the Gold at the Popai Awards for Store Design of the Year. For us, each project is a milestone, and the continued loyalty of our clients speaks volumes about the impact of our design.



Design philosophy and what sets us apart.

Our design philosophy revolves around sustainability, creating genuine connections with customers, and producing thoughtful work that resonates with our clients’ visions. We believe in forging spaces that go beyond aesthetics, telling stories, fostering memorable experiences and contributing positively to the environment and the communities they serve.

How can I be reached for further collaboration. or inquiries?

I welcome inquiries, collaboration, and discussions about the exciting possibilities in retail design. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or you can reach out to me directly at peter@rigneyforge.ie.

Looking forward to connecting with fellow industry enthusiasts!

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